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Hello, world~

I've finally set up a DeviantArt account because I spend wayyyy too much time looking at all the pretty art on here. I also enjoy doing art myself; I've taken two years of art class in high school, but since then I haven't had much time to work on improving my artistic skills. I'm studying engineering, French, and pure mathematics in college, so I don't have time during school to draw. I have never tried digital art; I prefer using graphite pencil, color pencil, or acrylic paint, but I like fooling around with other media as well.

If you take a glance at my gallery, you might think that I'm obsessed or something with Pokemon. Well...maybe I am, just a little :XD:
Anyway, I've been doing mostly Pokemon fan art lately because I don't have the time and energy to develop original work.

But hopefully things will be a little different when summer vacation comes around ^^"

Oh yeah, and feel free to look at my favorites. I think I've spent more time faving artwork than actually creating artwork in the past year OTL


After years of being pushed and prodded by my friends to join DeviantArt, I finally gave in and created an account about a year and a half ago. I avoided joining because I was afraid of sharing my artwork with so many people, letting it be accessible to pretty much the whole entire world (or, at least, the entire internet world, which frankly scares me quite a bit).

I was blown away by the incredible artwork I found on here, in every shape and form, beyond my own feeble imagination.
One of the first pieces to catch my eye was this piece by VianaArts, the ballpoint-pen portrait of a redhead girl:
Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts
I was astonished that pen could be used to create such beautiful and realistic work. And imagine how hard it is, knowing that every slightest mark you make on the paper cannot be erased, every step forward in creating your work of art cannot be withdrawn.

I was also impressed by Yuumei's Countdown, depicting the perilous and self-destructive situation we have put ourselves and the entire planet into with our unsustainable patterns of living. Her work demonstrates that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, and this quality can be used to convey a message far more effectively than any speech, article, or essay.
Countdown by yuumei

The ability of an artist to convey raw emotion through his or her artwork is something that I admire as well. It takes incredible strength to create such a piece, and even more courage to share it.
I am here by AlectorFencer

Art carries the unique quality in that it can exhibit both the good and the dark sides of anything - nature, life, humanity. Sometimes it can even bring together the two sides into a surprisingly harmonious composition.
Light and Dark by EternaLegend

Lastly, I wanted to end with a piece where I tried to bring out my voice in artwork. I created "Not Another Pretty Face" during my senior year of high school for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to prove to myself that I could still do art, even after two years without art classes. Secondly, all my life I have been concerned about the welfare and our treatment of the planet. The way we consume resources, produce waste, and destroy habitats and lives without a second thought is abominable, and I wanted to deliver a message about it somehow. Below is the result.
White Tiger: Not Just Another Pretty Face by MidnightTiger8140
I am currently studying to be an Environmental Engineer to help develop better forms of technology that allow us to live comfortably without destroying our one and only home.

I hope to find time to hone my artistic skills, although it has been a challenge balancing my life and scrounging up spare time for an artistic expedition. I do not aspire to become a profitable or famous artist, but I want to be able to create artwork that is close to my heart. I have few other gifts or talents that I can give back to others; I hope that art can be my gift to the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


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Thank you for the invitation - I'd love to stop by if I ever visit NYC :)
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thank you kindly for the fav on For Science, You monster, i am glad you like my work :huggle:
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You're very welcome. It was a pleasure (or rather... as I think I put it, a wild ride :XD:) to read your writing. :D
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thank you :huggle:
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