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March 24, 2013
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Mar 24, 2013, 11:04:38 AM
White Tiger: Not Just Another Pretty Face by MidnightTiger8140 White Tiger: Not Just Another Pretty Face by MidnightTiger8140
Original artist's statement that accompanied this:
"Around the world, life is vanishing at an alarming rate. Every day about 150 species become extinct, many of which are never discovered by humans. Why are so many wondrous beings disappearing?
Because we keep destroying their homes by polluting the air we breathe, contaminating the water we drink, and obliterating forests for land and wood.
Because we kill animals for their fur, teeth, claws, and organs.
Because we kill wildlife to keep them off “our” land, when it’s really our own fault for diminishing their habitats and natural food supply.
Because sometimes we forget that animals are living creatures that also deserve the same respect, resources, and space as we do.
Tigers may be the largest feline species in the world, but they too are victims. There are only about 5000 to 7400 tigers remaining in the wild. Within the past 70 years, three tiger subspecies have already become extinct. You can see sketches and photographs of the extinct species online and in books, but nothing can ever replace the mystery and wonder of the real animal. All that remains of a species wiped out of existence are shadows of memory. Even the best photographs are merely pictures, ghosts of lost lives. The animals become simply pretty faces, and nothing more.
Please, let us stop destroying the Earth and the unique life that inhabits it.
Please, before she becomes just another pretty face."

I made this back in 2010-11 as a piece for the Creative ReUse Showcase in my senior year of high school. It received first place in its category, "True Trash."

The tiger is painted in acrylics on a discarded pizza box. The painting is mounted using painted bottle caps and copper wire on a used air filter with a grid-like pattern of dust if seen in the right lighting, all of which is attached to a broken screen window.
No glue used at all.

I couldn't really get the screen window and the copper wire embellishments in the image clearly enough to be seen in a photo, but there are ferns and leaf-shapes woven into the screen using copper wire. You can sort of see some of the leaves, but no ferns in this picture. (Bummer. Those took so long...>.>")

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ravenofthenight Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
very nice!
MidnightTiger8140 Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks ^_^
AlexKazhdan May 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is incredible! Really gets the message across.
MidnightTiger8140 Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you :)
This is really cool!
MidnightTiger8140 Mar 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you ^_^
This is amazing, along with the message that goes along with it.

And I agree, I really wish for people to stop acting so selfishly.

We know about global awrming, we know about species going extinct.

And yet, barely ANYTHING is bieng done to stop it.

In a way, we can see all other animals in the world as our family. We ALL share one common ancestor: Cyanobacteria. (At least, that's what my science textbook told me. XD) And it comes down to this: Would you kill a family member if they were born looking and acting different? Would you kill them and treat them like nothing without feeling ANY guilt?

Sane people of society would answer with a "no".

And yet, the destruction of the world continues...
MidnightTiger8140 Mar 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for your comments :)

I really hope to raise awareness about what people have been doing and continue to do to the planet. And what's hard is, it's not like I'm not guilty of doing anything wrong, either. We're all in this together. I just hope that more people realize that, too... =/

And then, after we realize this, what do we do?
We have many technological advances that can help reduce our impact on the planet, like more efficient cars and devices, alternative ways of producing energy, more sustainable agricultural practices, and so on. But there are a number of things that stand in the way of changing to a more environmentally-aware lifestyle, like money/finances and the fact that it's hard for us to face change and make it happen.

That's why I'm studying to be an environmental engineer. It's hard to just stand by and know that these things are happening in the world, and to do nothing about it... But no one person can do it alone. We've all got to do this together.
That's true. A lot of people have been clinging to money, and that's been hindering any forward advances people have been trying to make towards living a more efficent and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Hmm....being in middle school, I still have time to choose what I want to be when I want to grow up. ^-^

I haven't decided on anything, since there are so many options (besides being all money-happy and greedy). But hearing about an environmental engineer makes me perk up. :D I think I'll consider it when making my final decision in the future. :) Thanks!
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